Overview: This is the side door belt moulding which seals the door window, it's very common for this moulding to deteriorate over time generally resulting in small cracks over the entire moulding or chipping of the rubberised coating  also tears at the ends of the moulding are common, to be fair this trim holds up fairly well considering it's an exterior part and flexes each time the window is raised or lowered, if you've just had a fresh paint job this moulding is a nice finish, this moulding is actually shiny like the rear quarter window surround, the majority of MR2's have deteriorated exterior door window mouldings. New moulding retaining clips are supplied with each window moulding.

Suitability: Both driver (RH) and passenger (LH) sides are available for selection, both driver and passenger door window mouldings will suit all year variations of SW20 imported or Australian delivered variations.

Fitment: Fitment is fairly straight forward and the side windows do not need to be removed. A basic guide to fitment is as follows:

1) Wind down your window fully.

2) Remove the interior tweeter cover, tweeter, side mirror, door cup, and door trim,

3) One side of the window moulding is retained by a small clip which can be separated with a small flat head screwdriver the otherside is retained by a single Phillips head screw,

4) Once the clip and screw are removed the trim can be pulled up starting at one end and working you way across, there is white retaining clips along the old door moulding the separation of the white clips can be assisted with a flat head screwdriver

5) Fitting the new window mouldings is the reverse procedure.

As with all Toyota parts if you would like to maintain a 12 month warranty on the parts Toyota require genuine parts to be fitted by an Authorised Toyota technician.

*Please note: photos are for illustrative purpose only the majority of the time they are of the exact version of the item you will receive.

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Door Window Belt Moulding Passenger or Drivers Side - Genuine Toyota - SW20 - NEW

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