Overview: Genuine brand new rear speedo cable, if your speedo needle is bouncing around, incorrect or not working at all this is often the issue, These OEM cables last for a long time, the speedo cable joins in the middle it's usually this rear section that fails. These are discontinued and no longer available from Toyota.

Suitability: To suit SW20, specifically a non-turbo ADM or JDM spec vehicle without cruise control. Having said that the fittings are the same between turbo and non-turbo vehicles these are slightly longer than the turbo version from memory.

Note: Stock of this item is extremely limited and we only have what is listed we unfortunately can no longer get this part anymore so these are the last remaining units.

As with all Toyota parts if you would like to maintain a 12 month warranty on the parts Toyota require genuine parts to be fitted by an Authorised Toyota technician.

*Please note: photos are for illustrative purpose only the majority of the time they are of the exact version of the item you will receive.

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Rear Manual Drive Speedo Cable 83710-17180 - Genuine Toyota - SW20 - NEW

  • Brand: Toyota
  • Product Code: 31179
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 399.95 AUD

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